Texan Raspberry 75

This is the cocktail that I pair with my Fig Fillo Bites.

INGREDIENTS:  per drink

  • 1 oz Moody June Gin
  • 1 oz Texas South Wind Red Raspberry Fruit Wine
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Slice of lemon for garnish
  • 1 glazed fig ice cube per drink (see below on how to make cube)
  • Enough Korbel Brut to top off drink


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  • The first photo shows the glazed figs with their glazing liquid (see “Glazing The Figs” in my Fig Fillo Bites recipe)  The glazed figs can be stored in a glass container in the frig.  They will keep for 3 months.
  • Place a silicone ice cube tray on top of a cookie sheet
  • Place one glazed fig in each section of the ice cube tray
  • Using a tea spoon, fill each cubed section to the top with the glazing liquid.
  • Freeze overnight.  Use the cubes you need.  Store the rest in a plastic freezer bag for future use.


  • Fill a drink shaker half way with ice
  • Add gin and raspberry wine
  • Add juice from lemon
  • Shake well
  • Put 1 fig ice cube in the glassTexan Raspberry 75 Cube
  • Add mix from shaker to glassTexan Raspberry 75 Korbel
  • Top off with champagne
  • Add a slice of lemon to the rim for garnishTexan Raspberry 75 Feature

As the glazed fig ice cube melts, the drink gets more flavorful.  At the end of the drink you are left with a delicious macerated fig to eat.  CHEERS!!!  Let me know your feedback by leaving a comment.  I love to hear from you.

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