Taj Pani

Taj means crown and Pani means water.  The name for this cocktail was inspired by the Indian soft drink, Limca.  Limca is a lemon-lime soft drink which is not too sweet.  It has a bitter note like a grapefruit.

Ingredients: per drink

  • Limca-to taste
  • Beefeater Gin-1 ounce
  • Juice from a lime-1 squeeze
  • Red chili pepper for garnish
  • Ice in a shaker cup-1/4 full

Mixing the drink:

Taj Pani

  • Place a red chili in a martini glass
  • Pour the gin into the ice-filled shaker
  • Add the lime juice and shake
  • Pour into the martini glass over the red chili pepper
  • Add Limca to taste for your level of sweetness.

Recipe note:  You can find Limca in an Indian grocery store.  If you can’t find Limca use Squirt or your favorite lemon-lime soda.

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