Aperol Spritzer


Aperol Spritzer Ingredients

  • Aperol–1 part
  • Champagne–1 part (use any Champagne you like)
  • Orange–2 slices per glass.  One for squeezing and one for garnishing
  • Ice–4 cubes per glass

The oranges used here came from my friend’s orchard.  They are organic, sweet and are lower in acid then the ones I have bought in the supermarket.  Use the best oranges that you can find.

Mixing the drink:

  • In a stemmed beverage glass pour the Aperol, squeeze the juice from a slice of orange, add the ice cubes and stir.
  • Top off with the champagne
  • Gently crush a slice of orange and add as a garnish

As you finish the drink the orange slice will become infused with the Aperol and Champagne.  Eating the infused orange slice is a yummy treat!!


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