My Mom’s Yogurt


  • Two quarts of the best milk you can get
  • Half a cup of yogurt culture (use a plain organic yogurt with live bacteria culture


You can use any kind of milk you like.  Sometimes I am able to get milk from my goat or the neighbor’s cow.  Other times, I go to the store and buy organic milk or Promise Land milk.  In the store, I like the Promise Land milk because it tastes closest to the milk I used to get in India when I was a child.


  • Large stainless steel pot
  • Heat resistant glass or ceramic container with a lid  (I use the Corning Ware my mom gave me)
  • Wooden board to protect your counter (a cutting board will do)
  • Wooden spoon
  • Electric heating pad
  • Tea towels (to cover the yogurt container)



  • Place milk and yogurt culture on your counter and let them come up to room temperature.  The reason for this is, that the more gradually you bring your ingredients up to temperature, the smoother and creamier your yogurt will be.
  • Place the milk in the stainless steel pot over medium high heat.  Gradually bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, so that the milk does not stick or burn at the bottom of the pot. 


  • As soon as you see the first boil remove the pot from the heat.  Let the milk cool for about 10 minutes in the stainless steel pot.  Stir occasionally.  After 10 minutes transfer the milk to the glass or ceramic container.  At this time, place your heating pad on the wooden board and turn it on to the low setting. 
  • Continue to let cool, stirring occasionally, to prevent a skin from forming on the top. You will know it is cool enough, when you can put your finger in the milk, and it is hot to the touch without burning.  This is how my grandmother and mother did it. But if you want to use a food thermometer, the temperature will be about 118 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • The milk is now ready to receive the yogurt culture.  Add a ladle of the hot milk to the yogurt culture, stir and add it to the hot milk.  Then stir again to evenly distribute the yogurt culture.  Place the lid.  Carefully place the lidded container on top of the preheated pad. Cover with the tea towels to protect from drafts.  Let stand for 3 and half hours and you will have yogurt.  If the weather is colder it may take longer for the yogurt to form.  Take a look after 3 and half  hours, if the yogurt is a bit loose replace the lid, cover it again and let it sit for an additional 2 hours. 

    Place in the refrigerator overnight to let it set.  Enjoy fresh, creamy,  yogurt the net day.


Recipe Notes:  I prefer not to stir the yogurt the next day.  Just scoop some out to eat and set half a cup aside as your next culture.  This will be the culture you use for the next yogurt you make.  As you use this culture, it will mature and become your own.  It will help rebuild your gut with the good bacteria from your own environment.

The culture that I use belongs to my mom.

During her last few days in the hospital she kept asking me to make yogurt for her. After she passed, I found the last yogurt my mom made.  I took it with me and have used it to make yogurt ever since.  I have kept her culture alive.  I hope you enjoy my family’s recipe.

Put the remainder of the yogurt back in the refrigerator.  As water and whey separate from the yogurt, it will become thicker and thicker.  Keep the separated water and whey to make protein drinks or smoothies.

I will post more recipes to show other products this yogurt can be turned into.  ENJOY!!!

If you have any questions or difficulties when making your yogurt, post a comment and I will help you out.

6 thoughts on “My Mom’s Yogurt

  1. Last week my heating pad stopped working. I was looking for another heat source when I realized that my oven has a “PROOF” setting for bread baking. The PROOF setting is between 100 and 105, perfect for yogurt making. I used the PROOF setting to make yogurt and it worked !!! If you don’t have a PROOF setting, you could set your oven to 100 and it should work.


  2. My sister, Renu and her family visited us over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was the best Thanksgiving I ever had. Today Renu flew back to Chicago and took some of our mom’s culture home with her. I am excited to see how her yogurt turns out. I am very happy to share our mom’s culture with my sister.


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